Saturday, July 31, 2010

Comic Book Review: Redball 6 TPB

Redball 6

Created and Written by: The Miller Brothers

Pencils, Inks, and Colors by: Jok and Estudio Haus

Letters by: Kurt Hathaway's Cartoon Balloons

Publisher: Arcana Studios

Cover Price: $14.95

Release Date: October 26, 2010

It's believed in our common Judeo-Christian belief systems that when you die you go to either Heaven or Hell. It simplifies's black and white...pass or fail. Some denominations believe in a third option, Purgatory, a kind of afterlife time out, but once you serve your time, you're on your way to Heaven. Not many believe in God's detention hall anymore, but even then, things are pretty simple.

But what if the Afterlife is more complicated. What if it's more like New York City with its five boroughs? That's what Wayne Hambler has learned. After his death he awakens in Near Dis, a city which acts as a kind of metropolitan halfway house between Heaven and Hell. But, it's not Purgatory.

Wayne Hambler was a cop before he died, and after he died he became, well, a cop... With N'Gash, his demonic boss, and a team, a Redball unit, composed of law enforcement from different eras and countries including an Old West sheriff, a member of Stalin's secret police, and a Victorian era Scotland Yard detective.

Because if there's an Afterlife, then surely there's an Afterlife Death...or as they call it, Spiricide...Spirit Death.

And just in time for the arrival of Hambler, the new head of Redball 6, a string if Spiricides occur.

The Miller Brothers' story is an impressive example of amalgamation. Naturally, the blending of the various characters from various countries and eras. Each is distinctive and representative of their eras and locales. But it's an amalgam, also, of genres as well. It's mystery about who is behind the spiricides and for what purpose. It's an action comic with great fight scenes. It's supernatural thriller with demons and spirits, devils and well, not quite angels. It's sci-fi with futuristic cars and cool guns. And it's a love story...well, it's laced with a love story fringe, at least. And to their credit, the Miller Brothers blend all this seamlessly. On my first reading, I didn't really pick up on everything going on here, but when I stepped back and read a second time, pulling back the layers of what they did, I saw the impressive diversity that can be found in the plot.

This book comes out on October 26th, so order yours now. You won't regret it. You don't want to...Dis out on this one...


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