Sunday, June 27, 2010

Comic Book Review: Philosopher Rex TPB

Philosopher Rex TPB

Story by: Ian and Jason Miller
Pencils by: Geraldo Borges, Rick Silver, Ricardo Southman, and Aditia Wardina
Inks by: Junior Capoeira, Estudio Haus, Cristiano Lopez de Sousa, Alex Silva, and Rick Silver
Colors by: Estudio Haus
Letters by: Kurt Hathaway
Publisher: Arcana Studios
Cover Price: $14.95

Coming in August from Arcana Studios is the Philosopher Rex Trade Paperback collecting the first five issues of this supernatural thriller.

Inside we see Doctor Ishmael Stone, an impossibly old but vibrant man, combat mystical threats including demonic beasties and ghosts, along with his team. Stone is a Philosopher, a member of a group of powerful mystics chosen to defend the world from malevolent intent.

The first story has Stone and his team go to a mining town where strange things have been happening including many deaths. But what looks to be just a run-of-the-mill demon incursion turns into something more complicated when the demons start breaking the rules. Whatever the problem, Stone will end up questioning God about the events. A cool scene, that, with God.

The second story involves a woman with a possessed apartment. The final story was a gruesomly dark story about all the children of a small town killing all of the adults.

The Miller brothers keep us guessing through the stories and wanting to find out what really is going on, and how Stone and the others will solve the problem. They are interesting and dark mystic mysteries with some intense action thrown in for good measure.

The art carries the story well, and the demons are particularly cool looking.

It's clear there are more stories of Stone and the Philosophers. Not all of our questions have been answered. Here's hoping the Miller brothers will be giving us more Philosopher Rex.


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